Q- Switched Ruby Laser Surgery

Erase The Spot

One bad sunburn may leave large freckle-like spots in it’s wake. Brown spots (“liver spots”, “age spots”, “sun spots”) on the face, hands, and arms and other areas give a false impression of age. These brown spots are often blamed on age, but are due to years of sun damage. These types of brown spots disappear with Ruby Laser surgery. In most cases, only one or two treatments are necessary. Ruby laser surgery is not recommended for melasma.

The light emitted by the Ruby laser is absorbed by the brown or black pigment in the skin. The rapid pulsing of the laser shatters the pigment in sun spots causing them to disappear.



A variety of tattoos may be eliminated with Ruby Laser surgery, including professional tattoos, amateur (homemade) tattoos, medical tattoos, and traumatic tattoos. Medical tattoos are sometimes applied for radiation treatment. Traumatic tattoos include pencil lead (graphite) tattoos from a pencil induced wound, or accidental tattoos which occur when material such as gun powder, or carbon-based material from an explosion or abrasion are embedded into the skin.

The light emitted from the Ruby laser is also absorbed by the ink in tattoos. The Ruby laser shatters the ink into small enough pieces that the body can remove internally from the skin. Several treatments are necessary for most tattoos. Amateur (homemade) tattoos take fewer treatments than professionally applied tattoos. Medical tattoos frequently only require one or two treatments.

New Beginnings Radiation Mark Removal Program

​Dr. Roberts has always offered ruby laser surgery to remove radiation marks (tattoos) absolutely free of charge for cancer survivors so that they can have the new beginning they deserve. This free service is open to all cancer patients and is not limited to breast cancer or lymphoma survivors.  Patients must have approval from their oncologist or radiologist to remove any radiation marks (tattoos).  If you have a friend or family member interested in this procedure but who live too far from the Dallas area, a physician who provides this service can now be found on the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS) website “New Beginnings: Radiation Mark Removal Program.  Find out more…

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